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Helping you find the best home loan is our passion.

The Streetwork Mission

At streetwork, we’re putting the “happy” into “happy homebuyers.”

With thousands of customer experiences on our watch, we’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly of the home buying journey.  The critical first step of any journey is a map.  You can think of our technology as your personal mortgage map. Our technology allows you to see multiple loan options with all the transaction costs lined up side-by-side in an easy to understand format – all provided by the lender so you don’t have to call around, gather rate quotes and organize the details.  As a homebuyer, you’re invited to use our technology for FREE.  It makes it easier for you to understand complicated information, it gives you a familiar map.  Like all maps, it’s your go-to as you pursue the truth of your destination.

What we also know is that this journey requires a guide.  What you’ll find is – PEOPLE ultimately make the difference.  People predict and overcome obstacles, they are the ultimate make or break of a successful, happy home buying experience.  So your choice in a guide is just as critical.  As you might expect, lenders that are willing to be transparent and clear from the start, those that are client-focused and willing to explain options are the ones with the most predictable “happy” outcomes.  So what we do is extend our technology to lender(s) you choose, they load it up with options and bring you into the conversation.  They demonstrate the pros and cons within the interactive platform, they use the (map) to shine a light on where you’re headed each step of the way.

Now, gone are the days of being left in the dark until you’re asked to sign on the dotted line.

Let’s get you a map and find you a guide!

How does it work?

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Choose your loan officer

You can choose to work with a loan officer within the Streetwork family or if you already have someone in mind or a specific institution you like, we can work with that too! Change it up at anytime. See how this works – you stay in control.

See your options

We make the introduction and extend access to the NumberCruncher.
You work with the Loan Officer the same way you normally would but this time, all the options, rates and details are made easy for you to compare and contrast with your access to the NumberCruncher. It’s the easy way to make sense of it all and happily skip home after closing!

Focus on the best parts –
We’ll handle the rest.

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